Meet Friedrich the Sorcerer

For the next several months I will introduce a new character from my work-in-progress, Heartless Hette, a retelling of The Princess who never laughed. Last time I introduced Princess Hette.  Today I’d like to introduce you to Friedrich the Sorcerer. The man’s grey eyes were rimmed with black. Not black lashes—those were as pale as his flaxen hair that … Continue reading Meet Friedrich the Sorcerer

If you like CS Lewis…

Then check out The King’s Trial I got this awesome review for the audiobook of The King’s Trial! The reviewer compared me to CS Lewis! *** This deserves seven stars and I review several /mo. I loved this book. It has magic, adventure, intrigue, royal plots and ascension, war depicted clearly but not glorified or … Continue reading If you like CS Lewis…

Seamless weave of Russian folklore and historical fiction

Vasilisa–a high-adventure, clean fairy tale retelling of Vasilisa and Staver “Forest born! Ogre child! You’re nothing but a demon wild!” Vasilisa has always been strong. She’s strong enough to break the arm of the bully that daily taunts her. She won’t because she and her mother are servants at the Orlov manor, and her mother would … Continue reading Seamless weave of Russian folklore and historical fiction