Christmas Paperback Sale

Looking for the perfect gift to give your kids, your siblings, or a gift that fits an entire family? Give the gift of an adventure the whole family can enjoy!  “I love JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, and now ML Farb.” – John (Goodreads) “Farb has created story line, character development, humor, plot twists, … Continue reading Christmas Paperback Sale

An Original Short Story a Month

Writers are a little crazy. We create stories, weaving together words into worlds and characters into friends (or enemies), from nothing more than imagination, research, and 26 characters (occasionally I’ve used cyrillic and kanji). So it is with a combination of excitement and nervousness that I start writing a short story a month based on … Continue reading An Original Short Story a Month

Meet Nyx the Hearth Spirit

For the last several month’s I’ve introduced a new character from, Heartless Hette. I’ve already introduced the Princess, Sorcerer, Fool, Shepherd, Toad, and the Healer (see the previous blog posts to get to know them).  Today I’d lie to introduce Nyx, a homeless hearth spirit. It is the last time I’ll introduce a character from Heartless Hette. … Continue reading Meet Nyx the Hearth Spirit