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The writing style is smart and engaging. Brave young men, vivacious heroine. Vibrant world, exciting stakes… I’d recommend to fans of Blades of Acktar, The Queen’s Thief, and The Minstrel’s Song!

– H.S.J. Williams, author of Moonscript

The King Trials

Whitney Awards Nominee 2019

Embark on an Epic Journey

The King’s Trial is now on Audible!

A quest for honor and justice across some of the most striking literary landscape. – A Motus (Amazon France)

One of the best books I’ve read with wonderful characters who grow on their journeys, stellar writing, fantastic world-building, and a twisty, nail-biting plot. – Katy Huth Jones, author of the YA-fantasy series He Who Finds Mercy

This book has some of the most well developed and fleshed out characters I’ve ever read. They each have trials. They each have pitfalls. They each struggle and fail. They made me snort-laugh… This is a clean, beautiful read for all ages… stories of light and hope, trial and pain, action adventure, and the fleshed out characters who I wish I could meet. – Georgia (Amazon review)

M.L. Farb is up there with some of my favorite fantasy authors. Jeff Wheeler, M.L. Forman, and Brandon Mull, to name a few.

– Kameo Monson, author of When Love is Lost

This could be one of my all time favorite series, right up there with Harry Potter and the Hunger Games!

– Mari (Audible)

But overall what makes me want to give this seven stars out of five is the overlying religious themes that give insights into how to approach God in the way that only the best authors can achieve (in the grain of CS Lewis etc). 

– Shay of Lightsbridge (Audible)

Hearth and Bard Tales

Enter a World of Magic

I felt all of Vasilisa’s emotions as she experienced them, and rooted for her as she faced her enemies with cunning, strength, and determination… I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, with its twists and turns, beautifully written prose, and compelling characters. – Stephanie (Goodreads)

The author’s prose is beautiful, the imagery spellbinding. I can’t wait until the next book! – Amy Klaus, author of Royals of Andorvia

Every description and dialogue is so authentic that it is like looking into another place and time and immerses you in a world where myths are reality but superstition also abounds. The characters are intensely human. One of the captivating elements is how true to life they are. – Rick Haws

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