About the Author

Whitney Awards Finalist 2021 and SPFBO8 Semi-Finalist 2022

As a youth, I made up stories to help my little sisters go to sleep. It backfired. We stayed up for hours continuing the tale. The King’s Trial was born in those late, whispered nights.

Ever since I climbed up to the rafters of our barn at age four, I’ve lived high adventure: scuba diving, hiking, climbing, and even riding a retired racehorse at full gallop—bareback. I love the thrill and joy.

Stories give me a similar thrill and joy. I love living through the eyes and heart of a hero who faces his internal demons and the heroine who fights her way free instead of waiting to be saved.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Music Composition a couple months before my oldest child was born. Now I am the published author of many novels and no music. However music heavily influences my writing, helping me create poetry and lyrical stories.

I create adventures, fantasy, fairy tale retellings, and poetry. I live a joyful adventure with my husband and six children. I am a Christian and I love my Savior.

Have a beautiful day,

M. L. Farb

PS Here are some of my favorite books and a 10 fun facts about me.

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