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10 fun, random facts about M. L. Farb

As a child, I couldn’t walk across a room. I danced, spun, skipped, ran, or otherwise moved, but I couldn’t just walk.

I took calculus at a community college at age 14. I planned to go to MIT and become an astronaut. Plans changed—in wonderful ways.

I love reading to my children. We’ve enjoyed books from Dr. Seuss to Les Misérables. Maniac Magee is one of our favorites.

I lived in St Petersburg, Russia for half-a-year teaching English to kindergartners. I learned to wash my clothes in a bathtub, filter and boil my drinking water, and love my sweet, crayon-eating, kids.

I have slight dyslexia. ‘b’ and ‘p’ sometimes flip flop on me. But it also means I can read a book upside-down.

I love climbing, rappelling, and horseback riding. But I hate roller coasters and bungee jumping.

I’ve journaled almost every day since I turned seventeen. I capture conversations, descriptions, happenings, and quotes. I explore ideas. Through the years I’ve written well over a million words. It prepared me to become an author.

Plumbing repair is my nemesis. I’m grateful I don’t have to battle it very often. In the end, I always win, but I feel like I’ve fought an arch-villain who pulled every dirty trick in the book, including water torture in claustrophobic conditions.

I live with a vivid imagination. I dream in all five senses and occasionally with my eyes open. This is a bane when it comes to nightmares. I will not watch horror movies.  

I have an accent. People often ask me where I’m from. Maybe it’s my reader’s accent. I’ve read out-loud enough different books in character, that perhaps it stuck.

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