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Each time I begin a new story by M.L. Farb, I am delighted by her wit and style. This particular story is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland or Jim Henson’s Labyrinth; an ever-changing path, peculiar magic, and clever riddles abound!

Our heroine, Princess Hette, appears upon first impression to be a cold, unfeeling individual. Her staunch, serious nature paired with the cheerful humour of Konrad, the Court Fool, is the beginning of a perfect recipe. Simply add a dash of sharp-tongued candour in the form of Demuth, our “Lady’s Maid”, with a pinch of a generous and kind-natured toad named Peter, and there we have it!

Heartless Hette will immerse you in a world which feels alive with magic and spirit – following the growth of Hette’s character is an absolute pleasure! Find among the pages a winding, weaving, wonderful story of the search for a missing heart, which leads to a friendship forged, a villain defeated, and a love found.

  • Stephanie (Australia Goodreads)

How do you keep Marie from shipping a princess with the sorcerer who stole her heart? Throw in a (ginger!) trickster bard for good measure.

It’s a classic magical object quest in the best way. There are riddles, prohibitions, love-curses (and death-curses), and the cutest darn frog prince you’ve ever seen.

  • Marie Lewis

A princess, a fool, and a stolen heart. A sorcerer has stolen Hette’s heart, and she has no choice but to use the aid of a fool, a healer, and a toad to retrieve it. This is a beautiful story full of wit and wisdom, that carries the reader along as smoothly as the gears turn in Hette’s clockwork heart. This amazing story proves that immutable truths are necessary, magic is often illogical, and friends are vital.

  • Rachel Deibler

Heartless Hette is a reimagining of a classic fairy tale, and immerses the reader in a beautiful, dangerous world of magic and lore. The characters come to life in a way that made me love (and hate some) them at the same time. Either way, each evoked strong emotions and made me want to binge my way through the story to see how they fare.

Hette, the main character, undergoes an amazing personal journey, and becomes so real I felt as though she were a friend, not just a character. The Fool was my favorite character from the moment he was introduced. He’s funny, quirky, and somehow wise, all at the same time.

  • J.D. Ruffin

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