Japan and Time Traveling

Japan is beautiful, time travel is exhausting, and I discovered both as I celebrated twenty years of marriage with my husband. We experienced sakura snow, skyscrapers no wider than a small room, whale sharks, endless stone steps to reach mountain top fortresses, peaceful shrines, and food that I’m going to attempt to recreate, if only to … Continue reading Japan and Time Traveling

Mistaken Ideas about King’s and Heroes

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you much joy and many good books! (including audio books) I am currently creating an audiobook for the novel Vasilisa. My hope is to finish it by the end of January and then I’ll need some beta listeners. I’m excited to hear how it turns out! Story … Continue reading Mistaken Ideas about King’s and Heroes

King’s Shadow Book Trailer

Enjoy this book trailer by Whitney Hurst Opening scene to the third King’s Trial book Creating a story involves a lot of revising. In this case I created a new opening which better captured the challenges that Kate faces. (warning–this has spoiler elements for the previous two King’s Trial books)  “Some say that change smells like springtime; damp earth … Continue reading King’s Shadow Book Trailer