Meet Luukas

I’m a bit late on sending the monthly author blog post. I’ve been getting ready for a fantasy author meet and greet on Nov 15th. If you are interested in chatting with me, asking any questions you have about my books or upcoming books, and if you’d like to do the same with Ben Hale, Sarah K L Wilson, Jeff Wheeler, and other amazing fantasy authors, then register here. It is online and free. I hope to see you!

Story Cookies – Quick, Clean, and Calorie Free

Meet Luukas, an impulsive, well-meaning prince who has much to learn about life. He is in a conversation with his uncle on colonialism (one in favor and the other against).

Luukas turned to Papa, his arms wide with enthusiasm. “I’ve considered it carefully since yesterday morning. The upper Carani are our enemies. We are at an uneasy peace with them, a treaty that they could break at any time. Or they could block us from trading with the lower Carani, which would mean the death of our whole family. They are still a skin carving, blood thirsty people. But my father said that people can be good, no matter who they are, if they are given an opportunity and example. If we removed the king and set up Lansimetsian judges and laws, then they’d have an opportunity and example.”

“Have you considered,” Papa asked, “that the Upper Carani might not want a foreign power killing their king and instating themselves as rulers over them? How would you feel if someone killed your father and brought their laws to our land?”

“But, the Carani king is nothing like my father and our laws are so much better. People have a voice. There are schools available for everyone. No one has to stay poor if they are willing to work. The Carani will want it once they get use to it.”

Papa rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Halavant.” Both Uncle Halavant and Hal answered with a yes. Papa continued, “Brother, I think Luukas needs a few more lessons in statesmanship and in the flaws of our own nation.”

Book recommendation:

I finished reading to my kids Cece Rios and the Desert of SoulsThe story shows how empathy and kindness are strengths, and fostering friendships instead of seeking to control others is true power. A beautiful, high action story that we enjoyed as a whole family.  

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