Birthday Book Kindle Countdown

I’m turning 40 this month. I had a friend quip that all women are 27. However, I wouldn’t trade a day of the experiences of the last 40 years. Here’s to many more years, trials, and joys (and many more stories).

In celebration I’m running a kindle countdown deal for two of my books March 3-5th.

Fourth Sister

Whitney Award Finalist 2022

Shisei is said to be the cursed twin—bringer of death—plagued by a kitsune only she can see. Feeling unwanted, she flees her home, finding solace within an isolated mask maker’s hut.

Yet some secrets cannot remain hidden. Fate may find her still.

When her youngest sister is accused of murder, Shisei must lead her sisters in a deception that will either save the youngest or condemn them all.

When I was a Pie: and Other Slices of Family Life

Most stories end with Happily Ever After. This one starts with it.

These are slices of life in the form of short stories, musings, comics, and poetry—showing bright moments, soul pondering, frustrations and side-aching laughter. Join our family as we play compliment tag, create piano calls, and cut a crawl hole in the bathroom door to rescue a toddler.

It is life, lived in the moment and observed.

Welcome to the eclectic joy we call our family.

Story Cookies – Quick, Clean, and Calorie Free

I’m taking a break from writing a short story a month so I can focus on writing my next novel Renea’s Reflection. Thank you for the prompt words these last four months. Please let me know if you’d like the short story a month back. 

This section will now swap off between snippets of my work-in-progress and introductions to characters from my other books.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Farid. One reader compared him to a “dark Yoda” or even a “Snape” type character. Those who’ve read The King’s Trial, what do you think? 

Farid scooped water with his cupped hands from a water jar. “Where is the hole for the water I removed?”

“There isn’t any,” I said.

“But I removed water. Shouldn’t there be a hole?”

“Other water flowed in to fill that space.”

“What will happen if you kill the Queen?”

I understand, I signed. “If I kill the Queen, then another will fill her spot. The prince is still too young and some other regent with a love for power would grab the throne. Perhaps General Jonstone or an astute duke. But if left to chance, it will most likely be someone that will be as bad. The same water filling in the hole. I must not only remove the source of misery for my country but also help fill the leadership role with someone who will heal the land.”

Farid put his hand back into the water, cupping it around the water, but not removing it, just separating part of the water from the rest. “Another question. How will you remove those people? Kill, sell into slavery, imprison?”

“I want them brought to justice. If I kill the Queen, then she may become an object of pity. But if she’s brought to trial and judged of the people, then she becomes a lesson in tyranny, as would any of the others who have committed such crimes against the people.”

“And what will stop the people from killing all of the noble blood, [redacted] included?” Farid picked up a stone, and with the speed of a snake striking, shattered the water jar.

Water spread over the stone ground. “Often revolution ends in anarchy, and there is nothing left to hold a country together. The people go from terror to terror until they beg for another powerful leader, and then tyranny starts again. What will you do to stop that cycle?”

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