Christmas Paperback Sale

Looking for the perfect gift to give your kids, your siblings, or a gift that fits an entire family? Give the gift of an adventure the whole family can enjoy

“I love JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, and now ML Farb.” – John (Goodreads)

“Farb has created story line, character development, humor, plot twists, incredible prose, and deep truths that are all phenomenal.” – Petey (Goodreads)

“It can be difficult to find a story that can boast exciting adventure, true love, clever riddles, exceptional and believable character arc, as well as a complete lack of rudeness or depravity. Heartless Hette is one such tale.”  – Melanie (Goodreads)

All paperbacks are discounted at the author store Dec 4th – 9th.

Author store:

  • Coupon code to get 20% off total order: ChristmasSale
  • Click the “apply coupon or gift card” underneath the total in the check-out to apply this
  • Shipping is temporarily free (in the United States)
    • I realized that with all the Christmas shipping delays that the books will likely come in after Christmas. I apologize and I will do this sale in November next year.

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