Read Heartless Hette Today

Heartless Hette is live on Amazon. Read it today!

Early reviews

“It can be difficult to find a story that can boast exciting adventure, true love, clever riddles, exceptional and believable character arc, as well as a complete lack of rudeness or depravity. Heartless Hette is one such tale.”

  • Melanie (Goodreads)

“Heartless Hette is a reimagining of a classic fairy tale, and immerses the reader in a beautiful, dangerous world of magic and lore. The characters come to life in a way that made me love (and hate some) them at the same time. Either way, each evoked strong emotions and made me want to binge my way through the story to see how they fare.”

  • J.D. Ruffin

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    1. Thank you for the beautiful review!


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