Seamless weave of Russian folklore and historical fiction

Vasilisa–a high-adventure, clean fairy tale retelling of Vasilisa and Staver

“Forest born! Ogre child! You’re nothing but a demon wild!”

Vasilisa has always been strong. She’s strong enough to break the arm of the bully that daily taunts her. She won’t because she and her mother are servants at the Orlov manor, and her mother would be punished for her retaliation. Instead Vasilisa bides her time until she is sixteen and can return to the forest.

Only Staver, the master’s son, shows her kindness. His friendship pulls as strong as the forest, but their classes are divided forever by law. She is a forest born, fatherless servant and her future at the manor holds mockery filled drudgery.

War threatens. The forest calls. Will she stay to protect the one who can never be more than a friend, or flee to the peace that the forest offers?

Review Snippets

“I loved this, and enjoyed the rich story telling and seamless weave of Russian folklore and historical fiction that mashes the fantasy and historical genres in a magical way!… The characters are original, complex, and unforgettable, and I loved it! There’s romance and action, struggles both internal and external, Fae and fantastic writing to bring it all together.” — Stephanie, Books Less Travelled Reviews 

An amazing YA fantasy book, with plenty of action, adventure, romance and rich in russian myths and folklore. I love how the book starts and ends with the bard opening and closing the story and making a promise for another story to come. The whole narrative has an old-fairytale-like quality. – Reena

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