Scene snippets from the Heartless Princess

(coming 2021) 

In these scenes, the princess is travelling with the court fool to find the wizard that stole her heart. The fool claims to know where the wizard is.

When the castle stood a grey monument in the distance, the bustle of the town was a muffled echo, and hedgerow edged farms surrounded us, I turned to the Fool. “Will you be trying my patience every day?”

He plopped the last grape into his mouth, and shrugged. “We couldn’t leave before the clock tower rang the second hour.”


“Because time is as much part of the path as the direction.”

“You will tell me the path, both time and direction.”

“Nay, my lady.” He tossed the cluster of grape stems into the hedgerow. “Only one person can know the path at a time. If I were to tell you, then it would vanish.”

My brows crinkled. “That’s not logical.”

“Magic isn’t logical, my lady. Nor is it kind. I know the path because the one who told me, died upon the telling.”

And a little later

 We followed the goodwife into the cool of the inn and settled at a table.

She bustled into a back room, calling over her shoulder, “Konrad, you came exactly on time, as always. It will be just a moment.”

“Fool,” I said, “could it be that pastries are the reason we had to arrive exactly now?”

He leaned back in his chair, with hands clasped behind his head. “You won’t question my timing when you’ve tasted them.”

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