Carol Beth Anderson’s review for The King’s Shadow

I’m so excited to get this review and recommendation for The King’s Shadow!

From Carol Beth Anderson – author of the Sun-Blessed Trilogy and The Frost Eater (

“Yesterday, I finished a fantasy duology: The King’s Trial & The King’s Shadow by @FarbMl. 4.5 stars to the first, 5 stars to the second. If you enjoy beautiful writing and characters you’ll quickly grow to love, check out this fantasy series!”

The Goodreads review:

“The King’s Shadow is a fantastic sequel to The King’s Trial—with faster-paced adventure, more sweet romance, and plenty of hope.

I loved having so many chapters in Elise’s and Katrin’s voices (in addition to Halavant’s and Yoseph’s). I felt attached to Katrin in the first book and continued to love her in this one. She’s strong, impulsive, and courageous. Elise is wonderful—sweet and kind. I’d wondered while reading the first book if we’d see more of her, and I’m glad we did.

Romance always draws me in, and without giving any spoilers, I truly enjoyed seeing how it developed in this book. There was uncertainty from the beginning, and I’m happy with how everything worked out for the various characters.

This is “clean fiction” with no cursing, limited violence, and romantic scenes that stop with mild kissing.

I love when the second book of a series is better than the first, and that was the case with this duology! M.L. Farb is a wonderful storyteller.”

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