Logline template

Save the cat! Writes a novel is a wonderful writing resource. One of its tips is to plug a story or story idea into a “Logline template”.

Here’s the template (the bold represent beats in a story): On the verge of a stasis = death moment, a flawed hero breaks into 2; but when the midpoint happens, they must learn the theme stated before the all is lost.

I played around with one day and created three Loglines or blurbs for story ideas that I’d like to turn into books at some point.

After being tossed from the boarding house for missing rent, an orphan girl takes shelter from a storm at a road shrine on midsummer’s eve and gets sucked into the fairy realm; but when she’s mistaken for the missing royal keeper of magic, she must learn to carefully maneuver the court intrigues, proposals, and death threats, if she’s to survive the year before she can return to the human realm.

Fourth Sister
Blamed for her twin brother’s death, Shi, the outcast fourth of seven sisters, apprentices herself to a mask maker; but when the Kazoku accuses the youngest sister of killing his nephew, Shi must lead her sisters in a deception that will either save the youngest or condemn them all.

Songbird Servant
A boy, born a slave to goblins, frees his mother when she falls from favor and the goblins threaten to eat her. But when the goblins catch them, he must learn to use his forbidden talents before the goblins kill his mother and take him as their new songbird servant.

None of these are polished, but they give me a solid starting point for writing. I’m excited for January and writing a new book.

Which one would you like to see developed?

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