The King’s Trial – Audio Book

Enjoy the story brought to life by world class narrator, Neal Arango.

Absolutely loved this audiobook. It had a very well fleshed out world, great characters, some fun plot twists and flawlessly narrated. Super excited for the next installment, and I hope it comes out on audio soon! If it keeps up, this could be one of my all time favorite series, right up there with Harry Potter and the Hunger Games!

– Mari (Audible review)

A mute radical. A brutal queen. A quest through a deadly maze.

Yosyph fences his heart and keeps his mouth shut. Posing as a mute tavern-hand, he gathers information on his bigoted queen and silently seeks to raise a rebellion. But when he discovers the monarch’s scheme to enslave thousands, he fears leading a revolt now would only end in a massacre.

Desperate for allies in the coming war, Yosyph travels through a deadly desert in search of his kin. But he’s shocked to discover his only option to defeat the queen’s vast military is an ancient magic that will consume him–unless he opens himself to the voice of his god.

Will Yosyph’s unexpected answers to his prayers stop his realm from descending into bloody darkness?

2019 Whitney Awards Nominee

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Neal Arango was a joy to listen to. I really enjoyed his narration of this book. He had the perfect voice for our hero, Yosyph, and I loved his arrogant, quip filled voice for Halavant. Arango also had good female voices for the lady characters. His jovial yet sometimes deadly serious voice for Galliard was pitch perfect as well. 5/5 stars. Dab of Darkness review

This deserves seven stars and I review several /mo. I loved this book. It has magic, adventure, intrigue, royal plots and ascension, war depicted clearly but not glorified or too vividly. But overall what makes me want to give this seven stars out of five is the overlying religious themes that give insights into how to approach God in the way that only the best authors can achieve (in the grain of CS Lewis etc). I love seeing both sets of main characters learn and grow and turn to God and others for support without being portrayed as weak or self righteous. I love this book and highly recommend the King’s Trial for fans of all fiction genres. – Shay of Lightsbridge (Audible)

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