Reviews: The King’s Shadow

Selected Reviews

I loved this story! How the female characters are not damsels in distress, but actually strong enough to make it through without a knight in shining armor. – Beaulah McLean (Goodreads)

The story is smooth-flowing and well-paced for readers who enjoy Kingdom politics and treasonous acts, a pinch of magic, a race against time, and a happy ending. – Erin Dydek (Goodreads)

This book has some of the most well developed and fleshed out characters I’ve ever read. They each have trials. They each have pitfalls. They each struggle and fail. They made me snort-laugh, especially Katryn. I’ll try to not give anything away, but she is perfect for her man. AND I LOVED THE END. Won’t say anything more, but… Miss Farb knows how to leave you somehow wanting more and at the same time giving you a warm, heart throbbing ending. This is a clean, beautiful read for all ages. I would recommend to my nephews and my grandmother for its stories of light and hope, trial and pain, action adventure, and the fleshed out characters who I wish I could meet. If you haven’t yet, grab book 1, The King’s Trial. You will be hooked. Trust me. I stayed up WAY too late finishing these books. Always the mark of a good author. Please write more books, Miss Farb! I’ll keep reading. — Georgia (Amazon review)

Loved this book so much! Each character’s depth continues where it left off and makes you love them even more. I loved the struggles each faced and the growth each showed along the way. So many surprises. The romance was perfection and so unique to each relationship without going overboard. I was sucked in, eager for each page! When something happened in the real world I was startled out of the amazing story. I was sad when I finished the last page because the adventure was over but in the best kind of finish way. This is one I will keep thinking about for a long time. Definitely one I’ll read again, and I do that very infrequently. High marks! – Charity Peterson (Goodreads)

This stunning sequel to ‘The King’s Trial’ portrays the tale of two princes who learn to rule amidst great trouble. The growth and maturity of these very fascinating characters is lovely to see. Fantastic plot, action packed and fascinatingly complex characters. The three-dimensional characterisation of the main characters and love interests is well done, and a real credit to the writing of M.L Farb. Even more fascinating is the moral and religious undertones to this story, with the portrayal of endurance and character growth arising from times of great trouble. — Rukshy Ng (Goodreads)

The book explores the themes of how to rule justly when tyranny would seem to accomplish more, self-sacrifice, and adventure… There are lovely spiritual lessons learned as well as compelling dilemmas posed. The characters are complex and have complex problems…. If you like noble-bright fantasy, I highly recommend this book to you. – Lelia Rose (pieces from both the Goodreads and Amazon reviews)

This book builds upon what was previously established in The King’s Trial – the characters are pushed again to grow, to adapt, to trust in God and one another… There are real consequences for every action, every decision, whether made for the right or wrong reasons… The character growth was the true strength of this story, and makes for a worthy read! – Stephanie (Goodreads)

This is an exciting sequel to the King’s Trial. It is not a ‘repeat’ of the first story (like so many sequels). The characters come into this story with the maturity they previously gained. I liked that the story was told from four different viewpoints. In a way Yosyph’s trial is greater in this story than in the past. What do you do when your talent is taken away? It is a story on how weaknesses can become strengths, and finding strength deep within oneself. – Victoria M. Meyer (Amazon review)

I appreciated that there were no easy answers or pat “happily-ever-afters” where everyone’s problems were solved, but the characters could still find joy and meaning, and the nation could still get (or at least move closer) to where it needed to be. – Annie L (email from reader)

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