Reviews: Fourth Sister

Selected Reviews

Fourth Sister explores some very fascinating subjects, and its interspersed poetry and haikus reinforce the resonance of the novel. The level of detail is wonderful and I was exposed to several subjects like mask making and Japanese folk tales that I had never heard before. Poignant and atmospheric, Fourth Sister is a melodic narrative of devotion and deep feeling as well as finding acceptance with yourself and within your family. It would feel absolutely perfect set to a Studio Ghibli soundtrack. Really wonderful. – Claire (Goodreads)

There are many surprises in Fourth Sister. Most – 98% – I didn’t see coming, which is utterly refreshing. I may’ve literally gasped at times, laughed hard, and even cried at beautiful, soul touching, tender moments. So get ready for the feels – all of them. – Caralyn (Goodreads)

This book is a beautiful example of amazing storytelling… As someone who is greatly intrigued by Japanese language and culture, I appreciated how the author intricately wove it in through the story, giving another layer of beauty. Shisei has much to teach any reader, from the importance of family unity and forgiveness, to the strong impact of the thoughts we have toward ourselves. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves being swept away by a fantastic, heartwarming tale! – Rachel D (Goodreads)

The author skillfully weaves in themes of perception and misperception, brokenness, healing, masks, isolation, community, and sisterly love. – Leila Rose Foreman (H. Halverstadt’s Books)

Fourth Sister is a delightful story that takes the reader into a world that many are unfamiliar with. Combining myth, fantasy, and the beauty of haiku the reader is taken on a journey – a journey that one wishes would continue on. The story is well worth the time spent within its pages. It celebrates the bonds of family and explores the power of words. – Meagan Myhren-bennett (Goodreads)

I’m typically not a poetry person, but I loved the haiku at the start of each chapter and looked forward to the foreshadowing hidden within the lyrics of each line. I also loved the way that Shisei had to work through problems throughout the book… I’d highly recommend this book to YA readers looking for a clean story heavily woven with Japanese culture. – Erin Dydek (Goodreads)

This is a beautiful epic tale full of action, adventure, intrigue and culture. The author truly drops you in the life of the fourth sister, her thoughts, feelings and setting. – Karen Dimick (Goodreads)

I started this book expecting to enjoy a story about a female lead who grew into herself, and while I absolutely did find that in this story, it was the poetry of possibility that the author wove into the words that had me finish the story in one sitting. This was also more of a love story than I had anticipated, though not necessarily “that” kind of love story. Shisei’s journey showed her that loving herself and loving others isn’t about perfection, it’s about seeing the cracks and the flaws and the inconsistencies and loving despite them. – Krista Springer (Goodreads)

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