East of Apollo’s Palace

Kalika is mute, but she has a sharp mind and vocal hands.

Most of her suitors see her as a silent prize of noble birth. When one suitor treats her as a person and ends up cursed because of her, Kalika is horrified and feels responsible to rescue him.

She journeys from her warm homeland to the far north, East of Apollo’s Palace, where only her wits will save them both.

Get ready for a fun, clean fantasy—with a heroine who won’t remain silent or still. A short story retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon.


Kalika is about to be married, but only to a suitor who can pass “The Rose Test.” She soon discovers that it’s a test no one will be able to pass, because the sorceress who controls it–who happens to be her stepmother–has her own agenda. Rather than seeking safety from the woman she unfortunately calls family, Kalika embarks on a dangerous journey so she can put a stop to the evil once and for all. Ms. Farb has an incredible ability to tell amazing stories. Her characters are beautifully written with a captivating storyline that pulls you in page after page. I highly recommend this book! – Kimberly King, author of The Trouble with Fairy Godmothers

I really liked Kalika. The juxtaposition of mute but strong willed made her interesting and more real. “To her, I was often as invisible as I was silent.” –such a poignant description of their relationship. Practical things that are overlooked tend to bug me– so the fact that her hand speech would be hindered by wearing gloves or emotions or just having cold hands, and that the author didn’t overlook that at all (and it actually moved the plot forward) is a real plus. – Regina

This was such a wonderful retelling! I love Kalika. She has such a feisty personality… It was such a cool take on the original story! – Ashley

East of Apollos Palace was a quick easy read even on my phone, which is saying something! and I loved how the story moved right along wasting no time but still gave you enough feeling for each character. And the ending instead of being predictable had a nice little twist! – Sally

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